Catalyze, the ultimate web 3.0 collaboration platform to drive and scale your community

The user-owned platform where communities get to unleash their true potential by working, sharing, and playing together.  

We truly believe that there is nothing more powerful than humans working together towards a common goal. It is, in fact, through our communities that we get access to networks, knowledge, and skills, and also often make good friends. Communities are here to empower us – individuals – and help us generate awesome and impactful projects. So, what if we told you that we were developing the perfect tool to supercharge your communities? A tool that would not only help you grow, but also maintain a vibrant community. Do we have your attention? Then the rest of this post will surely be of interest.

1. Catalyze: a web 3.0 SocialFi community development platform

Developed on blockchain, Catalyze is a SocialFi decentralized community development platform focused on helping groups scale, retain members, and evolve into vibrant communities.

Catalyze will strive to make the most of Web 3.0 through a multi-chain and chain agnostic approach meant at drastically boosting the platform’s reach and impact. Indeed, while being developed on Dfinity’s Internet Computer due to the technological and energetic efficiency, as well as the scaling potential of this blockchain, Catalyze will also enable bridges to several other key players in this environment such as Solana, the Near Protocol, Cosmos or Polygon.

The platform will prove to be a leader within the SocialFi movement as Catalyze will deliver benefits and rewards to users through an “engage to earn” tokenization model. Catalyze is all about empowering its users and building the future of community management.

2. Outstanding features

Strongly tied to its values of transparency, inclusivity, and consistency, Catalyze will combine the finest of web 3.0 with the best features of web 2.0 platforms such as Discord, Slack, Zoom, Telegram, and Trello. Indeed, communities will be offered a state-of-the-art user experience within a decentralized, user-owned, and community governed environment.

Focused on developing bridges between various communities, the platform will offer must-have features such as messaging, live video streaming, and task & event management, all of which will be turbocharged with web 3.0 enabled tools including NFT minting and wallets. A dedicated tool to enhance the experience of AMAs will also prove to be a community’s favorite.    

3. Decentralized governance at the heart of it all

The user will be at the center of an effective token model designed to incentivize active behaviors within communities. Catalyze community members will also be at the heart of the platform’s governance model through a native token. Indeed, Catalyze users and token holders will be able to govern the platform and make decisions on its long-term development.

4. The roadmap

A dedicated post will focus on our 2022 roadmap but here are a few cool items to keep in mind.

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