A place where your audiences transform into communities

Catalyze is the ideal platform to interact with your communities. This precious interaction will help you turn a one-sided relationship into a true symbiosis.

A feature-packed platform

Chat, video conferencing, task & event management, white list management, in-app NFT minting, airdropping, DEX integrations, and more features you need to manage your communities.

An incentivized environment

Thanks to an engage-to-earn environment, users will get to do what they love to do on Web 2 platforms but will be rewarded for it.

A unique bridge to Web 2 apps

Communities on Catalyze will be able to connect to Slack, Telegram, Discord, and WhatsApp. No, we won’t let platforms keep you apart!

A focus on data privacy

On Catalyze, users get to keep full ownership of their content & identity.