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Roadmap See Our Journey

Phase 1
New Look
  • New branding
  • New UI and UX for an improved exprience
Phase 2
Tokenomics & airdrops
  • V1.0 Tokenomics SNS submission.
  • Airdrop manager: NFT and token whitelists and airdrops
Phase 3
Audio and Video
  • Launch of Catalyze Casts + Audio and video channels.
  • AMA tooling
  • V1.0 Tokenomics activation
Phase 4
On-chain chat & events management
  • Secured on-chain chat integration
  • Event management: NFT ticketing, badging, session rooms, agenda management (online and IRL)
Phase 5
Catalyze IC/Eth Marketplace
  • Launch of the App marketplace for ICP and Ethereum vendors
  • Catalyze API facility
Phase 6
DAO Maker
  • DAO creation tooling for communities
  • Create sub-DAOs on Catalyze