The 2022 Catalyze Inspirational Women Series comes to an end

With the month of March behind us, this year’s Catalyze Inspirational Women Series comes to an end. Interviewing six inspiring and influential individuals during Women’s History Month has been an enriching experience. Bringing together high profiles with diverse backgrounds from the tech, web 3.0, impact, and art spaces has brought highly valuable insights into community development within these sectors.

As a brand that is very close to its values of gender equality, fairness, and transparency, Software, the creator of Catalyze, has a clear objective to raise the visibility of women and their inspiring communities. The 2022 Catalyze Inspirational Women Series is only the first step in this effort as more will come.

We enjoyed discussing with Lydia, Aline, Tori, Angela, Katie, and Andra about their experiences as women developing powerful communities. If you have missed these exciting interviews, here is a short recap:

We would also like to use this space to thank these six exceptional women for their time and for sharing their experiences with us. It has been an insightful adventure that we will gladly renew in the future.

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