A Token model dedicated to trust...

We are committed to creating a safe and trustful environment for our communities and their members through integrating various trust mechanisms within the platform’s system and smart contracts.

...and engagement

A state-of-the-art combination of incentive and disincentive mechanisms affecting governance, exchange of value and reputation management will assure striving and engaged communities.

The Tokens


The Governance token

CAT: Total supply of 100 Million

The CAT token is the exchange-listed token and will be staked by communities or used to purchase premium platform functions. Communities and their members will be able to trade UCAT for CAT. 


The Utility token

UCAT: Unlimited supply 

UCAT is used as an accounting mechanism and is internal to the Catalyze ecosystem. It measures the value of interactions between community members and rewards them accordingly.

Trust Mechanisms

The core purpose of Catalyze is to provide Web 3.0 communities with a toolset that enables them to connect, engage, and transform in a trustful environment they own. 

Reputation signaling

Reputation signaling plays a large part of trust building. Catalyze will strive to catalog and record these signals through the analyses of in-platform wallet data as well as through an innovative use of NFTs.

Preventing the spread of misinformation

At Catalyze, we are doing all we can to regulate the spread of misinformation such as fake links. A credential system requiring signing authority from information creators will prevent the spreading of harmful links.

Smart Contracts

In order to implement Catalyze’s complex token architecture a number of smart contracts are required.